Environmentally Sensitive Building Design

Timberscope specialises in building beautiful structures that allow for the enjoyment of natural surrounds while ensuring the environment remains undisturbed and intact. 

High Quality

Timberscope structures are strong, safe and built to last using high grade materials and sound construction techniques

Environmentally Sound

Careful design and construction processes ensure any addition to the environment does not negatively impact native flora and fauna, soil or water

About Timberscope

Timberscope uses timber and other sustainable materials to build outdoor structures such as boardwalks, jetties and observation platforms. Structures can be designed to allow either people or vehicle access to areas so that the surrounds can be enjoyed without negatively impacting the environment. 

Our boardwalks can be made to any length, width, shape or height. Timberscope works with high grade materials to ensure longevity and a beautiful finish, with many timbers to choose from.

Our work fits seamlessly into the environment, not taking away from, but complementing the beauty of the surrounding nature. From design to construction, environmental sensitivity in bushland and aquatic settings is paramount and all work seeks to preserve the natural environment with the smallest environmental footprint possible.


Suitable for foot, bicycle or vehicle traffic and built with renewable materials, Timberscope boardwalks will not change drainage patterns and no revegetation is required post build due to minimal disturbance during the construction process.


All jetties are constructed with appropriate materials and footings for varying tidal/water levels, foundation material and load to allow users safe access to water features.


Limited only by the imagination, Timberscope can build a variety of outdoor structures to meet individual client needs, from viewing platforms and observation decks, to linking paths to facilities, equipment housings and much more.

Why Timberscope

With over 20 years experience in sensitive building design and construction, qualified and skilled builders craft high quality and safe outdoor structures. Our business is fully insured and prides itself on delivering high standard projects that meet individual client needs. Timberscope has provided its award winning building services to a variety of clientele including councils and developers to smaller private jobs. 
Our structures help to protect nature by offering a way to responsibly access nature in all situations,  including  coastal, wetland, riparian or bushland settings. The building of the structure itself, from material selection and design to installation all ensure that natural values are protected.  Materials chosen will not leach into the environment, native vegetation is retained and wildlife is able to continue to move unhindered through the landscape. 


Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, Timberscope structures blend seamlessly into natural surrounds.


Timberscope operates within a Quality Management System, with best practice policies and procedures that ensure the safety of all employees and the general public. Timberscope is fully insured, providing clients total peace of mind.

Award Winning

Timberscope’s boardwalk construction was  earned first place in the 2013 Mornington Peninsula Heritage Award – Professional and Trade Heritage skills by the Mornington Peninsula Shire and National Trust of  Australia Mornington branch.

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